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Prairie Spring Natural Water flows from the spring in the foothills of the Missouri Coteau range southwest of Moose Jaw. This range is an offshoot of the Rocky Mountains and was formed during the last ice age.

At the end of this ice age, approximately 20,000 years ago, layers of glacier sand and gravel were deposited here by receding glaciers. As the land surface dried up it left pore spaces saturated with the glacier melt water. Every spring the snow melt percolates through the sandy top soil into the sand aquifer below.

The contact with the glacier sand releases valuable minerals into the water giving it its unique taste and character.

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Spring or Pure Water ?

When it comes to water, the choices seem surprisingly overwhelming. Should you go out in search of a fresh spring? Is bottled water the best and safest drinking option? What about artesian water? Can you just drink the stuff from your tap?
With so many questions, you might be wondering where you should even begin.

Lucky for you, we are here to help.

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Many people drink water straight from the tap, thinking it’s a safe option because it’s been through the treatment process.
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But it is treated with chlorine, to kill all the bad bacteria and parasites. As we ingest the chlorine it ends up killing the good bacteria necessary for good colon health. As well the addition of fluoride has been studied largely as a possible link to cancer. Looking at this information closely, tap water appears to be a less than desirable choice for drinking water.
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When water is purified, it’s simply water from the tap that has been filtered, and processed by reverse osmosis.
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As far as contaminants go this seems to be a good option. The chlorine and fluoride are filtered out. The downfall is that this water is void of essential minerals that we need from water. It is also a dead form of water as opposed to water that comes from the ground that is actually “living”. The World Health Organization has many articles on health risks from drinking de-mineralized water.
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Artisan water comes from an aquifer below the ground where water flows at high pressures between layers of rock.
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It is possible to drill down through deep layers of rock and access the water table. When this is done, the artesian water will rise to the surface and flow continuously. The water is filtered through layers of rock before it rises to the surface. One downfall of artesian water is that it is brought prematurely to the land surface. Some say that the water is not yet fully ready to be consumed as it still has hard minerals in it that are not suitable for human consumption.
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For centuries, people have travelled miles to obtain pure, fresh spring water and enjoy its well-known health benefits.
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Natural spring water rises to the land surface naturally. Some health experts feel that this means it is ready to be consumed as opposed to the artesian water that is brought to the surface prematurely. Spring water contains antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Spring water is alive as is artesian water. When it comes straight from the ground it has nourishing qualities that are not present in purified water. One thing to be cautious of when drinking spring water is that it could contain contaminants and therefore should be tested before consumption.
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The Healthiest Water Is Mineral Rich

Many water experts agree that the healthiest and best drinking water contains a balance of essential minerals.

There are health studies that argue the benefits of de-mineralized water, such as reverse osmosis and distilled waters; however, the most recent and credible studies are conclusive that water containing trace minerals is the healthiest and best drinking water.

When choosing the best spring water, the choice is clear; the choice is natural Prairie Spring Water.

Prairie Spring Water is tested regularly in compliance with Saskatchewan Health Standards and our plant is inspected regularly by Saskatchewan Public Health to offer you the best and safest drinking water in Saskatchewan.