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Spring Water

Flowing from the foothills of the Missouri Coteau range in Southern Saskatchewan, a narrow band of prairie upland that stretches to South Dakota, Prairie Spring Water sources spring water from an underground formation that flows naturally to the surface. Shaped by glaciers, the Coteau has been undergoing a glacial maximum for 25 000 years, deflecting ice flow towards the southeast and producing the water we use at Prairie Spring Water.

Spring water is collected right at the source using an underground pipe that moves the water into a stainless steel storage tank to protect it from outside contamination—this is what allows us to define our water as spring water.

filling water bottle from spring

What is the difference between spring water and purified water?

Purified water has been treated to remove the chemicals found in our public water supply. Receive the best water with Prairie Spring; we deliver from the spring directly to our customers.

Both types of water are regulated by Saskatchewan Health Standards, and our plant is inspected regularly by Saskatchewan Public Health. The choice between waters is often up to personal preference. People who enjoy the rich flavour of natural minerals may prefer spring water. Prairie Spring Water is your source for great-tasting, natural spring water in Moose Jaw, SK and the surrounding areas.